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11 mars 2010 4 11 /03 /mars /2010 23:32
C'était l'évènement twitter/brizzly de la semaine! Un chat en direct avec Jesse Spencer, qui a eu lieu pour nous en France mardi matin de 3h à 6h environ. Et oui fallait le vouloir! En tout cas, il a répondu pour nous à deux questions ;) (HouseTeam1), ce qui est un miracle étant donné que des dizaines de questions étaient posés par minute!! lol

1) #jessechat @Jesse_Spencer Hi from the French Official blog!Lots of great followers down here! Have you ever come to France?;)We wait you!;) - HouseTeam1

Jesse Spencer : I've been quite a few times. J'adore France! Maybe in the next couple months! x

2) #jessechat @Jesse_Spencer Last question before Zzzzz If you could pick one actor/actress to work with,who would that be?A director? Thanks! - HouseTeam1

Jesse Spencer : Zooey Deschanel is a cutie pie. can't spell her name though

Voici le chat en entier ICI (article trop long -14 pages!).
Full chat HERE.

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Extrait (2 premières pages)- jessechat on Brizzly - live

jesse spencer

#jessechat Would you ever plan on going solo? Maybe making your own aussie album? :) - Lexi_SpeerGS

I think so. It would most likely be for charity, however...Violin bass and drums

greg yaitanesi'm crashing the party, yo!

jesse spencer

#jessechat - Fav diagnosis?!! - StephanieClark_

hmmm. The girl that turned out to be a guy? The giant tapeworm? I've actually forgotten alot of them. You'd prob be able to tell me more.

jesse spencer

@jesse_spencer What came first? Your own haircut or your haircut in the script for Chase? #jessechat - Pasty

Well, I wanted to do it, and to coincide with the storyline and Cam leaving it kinda worked well. That's what people do at the end of a relationship, change appearances

jesse spencer

#jessechat Jesse, brazilian people love House, say HI to us!!! - millafn

Hi brazil!!!!!

jesse spencer

#jessechat @GregYaitanes same question: ever planning on actually coming on location to Plainsboro? maybe doing a shot at the local hs? - atharv

I don't think we've done that yet. Shot in New Jersey once or twice, though

jesse spencer

#jessechat You are cute, but also an amazing actor. The amazingness of your acting outshines the cuteness in my opinion! :D - SupahSecret

Well, thankyou very much. Very nice of you to say so!

jesse spencer

@Jesse_Spencer not a Q 4 #jesseCHAT but just wanted to say u & Hugh were amazing at the Fallsview gig, loved the concert u must come back! - LauraF86

Wasn't it great! We had an amazing time. Would love to come back. You guys were a FANTASTIC audience

jesse spencer

@jesse_spencer #jesseCHAT Why do you think Chase left the seminary? Was a reason ever given? Funny that youve actually played a seminarian - furthestfable

yeah. I believe it was that Chase figured he could help people more through science than he could through faith. It was more....practical

jesse spencer

@Jesse_Spencer Besides House, do you have another favourite show??? -huddyforever

BBC America is great, Family guy, Colbert, Maher, Nova! Kind of a documentary guy, actually

jesse spencer

#jessechat hey @jesse_spencer where do you rank Australia in the fifa world cup?? - Jessapell

oooooo, don't we have a terrible draw? Germany? Doesn't look good but I'm sure they'll fight to the end. I love the world cup

jesse spencer

#jessechat @Jesse_Spencer Had a great time Sunday. Enjoy the coffee. x Never asked you: Did you find "the nuts" at the table Sat nite? ;) - luvhouse5

nuts? what nuts?

jesse spencer

ROAAAR YEAH! 8D RT @AXNasia @Jesse_Spencer Can you do a shoutout to all HOUSE fans in Asia? #jesseCHAT - joycehhh

Hello to all our super HOUSE fans in ASIA! You guys ROCK!

jesse spencer

#jessechat I loved how Chase has punched House a couple times, he deserved it... and how manipulative he can be... you're great - mazarag

I loved how unexpected it was. Our show does things like that really well

jesse spencer

@Jesse_Spencer Do you feel good about being the Dirty Australian Man? -shockboard

Well I don't think I can change now. I've tried and tried

jesse spencer

#jessechat Okay just to tell you Chase and House are my friends & my favorite! The episode Ignorance is bliss is my fave any guess why?? - xXRomica_AceXx

Smart guy who drank the cough syrup...why?

jesse spencerSide post

jesse spencerIn the speed dating scene, Chase downed his beer before going to the first table, and burped. I guess it didn't make the final cut

jesse spencer

#jesseCHAT Please say hi to Chile :D ..or i'm gonna tweet this all the time PLEASE SAY HI TO CHILE, PLEASE SAY HI TO CHILE! - Caarooliinnaa

HI to Chile, Hi to Chile! Hope you guys are doing ok xxx

jesse spencer

@Jesse_Spencer Tell us about your experience in @TheBandFromTV ! #jessechat -PamelleRow

I had a string break right before the second show, and didn't have any spares. SOOOO lucky the techs at fallview had one and SAVED the SHOW

jesse spencer

@Jesse_Spencer #jesseCHAT Do you feel like we are YOUR own ducklings?? -jillgoucher

Actually, that's a great way of putting it! yes, I do, twucklings!

jesse spencer


They'd break it

jesse spencer

#jessechat is there youtube of you performing Devil Went Down to Georgia? Sounds awesome. - lcbreeden

not yet, but I'm sure someone will put something up

jesse spencer

@Jesse_Spencer Now that house it's no longer addicted to meds do you think his gonna stop of being a jerk for good??? #jesseCHAT - alinecruz

I think it makes him worse sometimes, cause he needs to play up more to replace the meds...

jesse spencer

#jessechat Hey, Jesse! What do see coming up for your character, Chase? Will he ever be with Cameron again? - samanthaaaaxxx

maybe maybe maybe. She does come back at some point!

jesse spencer

I just got home from class & I do want to take part in the #jesseCHAT but omg I'm so tired & I have a bunch of editing to do, baaah. - samtengco

baaah. Editing is a lonely business

jesse spencer

#jessechat Do you know that JUAN JOSE CAMPANELLA won an OSCAR? -Pato01041987

YES! Congrats to Juan! Everyone is very excited for him!!!

jesse spencer

who is your best friend or colleague in the show? #jessechat - JoseeeIsla

Omar, Peter and Olivia. DDX scenes!

... ...

Voici le chat en entier ICI (article trop long -14 pages!).
Full chat HERE.
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laura6248 15/03/2010 14:12

Jesse is a cool guy =)

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